Let us show you what Savannah is made of!

Celebrating the more than 300 local artisans in Georgia’s oldest city is Locally Made Savannah, a collective in the heart of the historic shopping district.

Well I declare!

Join us for a sweet treat at the Locally Made Savannah soda pop shop, featuring fresh pastries from local bakeries, and our own sweet soda, milkshake, and specialty drink concoctions.

Blending the fun and feel of an old-fashioned soda shop with Savannah’s signature quirk, there’s nowhere else as fun and flavorful. Our menu of sodas with house-made syrups will tickle your tongue with blends like Kiss My Grits--a Coke with coconut and vanilla syrup; Heaven to Betsy--Sprite with pineapple and strawberry; and the Cow Tipper--root beer with roasted marshmallow and vanilla creme.

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